What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality has been around for years but in recent years has been incredibly popular within the gaming community and younger generation as a whole.

  • What is virtual reality?
  •  How has virtual reality evolved?
  • How do people use virtual reality nowadays?

Virtual reality is the technology almost like a ‘headset’ for your eyes, you can dive into environments that seem wildly realistic. It uses computer technology for creating a simulated world, and is very popular nowadays in the gaming community. With the Virtual Reality (VR) you are physically placed in the environment instead of just viewing on the screen.

Heilig’s Sensorama was a non-computerised VR machine. This was one of the first attempts of a VR machine, and back in 1962 when the machine was patented it was complete with virtual environments that were interestingly large to look at instead of the VR systems we have now, where even the smallest picture looks real-life.

The VR systems of course got better as technology advanced but in 1989 the first video game with 3D technology by ATARI was brought out to the gaming community. The 90’s is  when the VR really started to become popular, it was a ‘cool’ new gadget that engulfed you into fun new environments. In 1995 the cheap home VR headset made it into the public by the name of “Virtual IO I-Glasses”. Along with releasing the VR headset, Nintendo also released the 32-bit “Virtual Boy” console, which had many games for gamers to enjoy.

Of course, in the 2000’s technology became a thing of the present, everyone was trying to get the new phones, new consoles, new everything. In 2014, Zuckerberg bought Oculus VR for $2 billion which changed VR landscapes completely. In that same year, Sony released their “Project Morpheus” which was the first VR headset for the PS4. 2014 was the start of technology as we know it. New consoles were released, new incredible phones, iPads, and gadgets. What is Virtual Reality?

The VR has changed so much since it was first released and will continue to change as technology betters. VR is also a filmmaking tool, it is not just for gaming, there is no limit to what you can do with the headset. There are movies set to be watched in VR, there are series, videos and games that are also VR friendly. There are always on going experiments with the VR headset as people are always look for ways in which to make them more realistic, comfortable and just all in all a better experience for viewers.


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“What is Virtual Reality?”

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