Weather brightens for the Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse are spectacular visions and part of South America was in complete darkness on December 14. Weather brightens for the Solar Eclipse.

  • What is a solar eclipse?
  • Why did South America experience the solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse is when the Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth, which blocks out  any of the Sun’s rays which then forms a shadow on parts of the Earth. As the Moon is quite a lot smaller than the Earth, the Moon’s shadow cannot completely cover the planet, so the ‘solar eclipse’ only happens across a certain area. Here is another site that can explain how a solar eclipse works.

Earth constantly rotates around its axis all whilst it orbits the Sun and the Moon orbits around the Earth. A solar eclipse is when an area goes completely dark and it usually only lasts a few minutes, but it is a beautiful thing to experience.

People in Argentina and southern Chile got to look at the beautiful but somehow spooky eclipse on December 14. It began at 1pm (4pm GMT) and only last around two minutes. Short but impactful. Not many people expected to see the solar eclipse as the weather was terrible and the clouds were dark and full. However, the bad weather cleared up minutes before the eclipse people said, “it was a miracle”.There were people who went to see the solar eclipse that had travelled for hours just to see the event take place. Weather brightens for the Solar Eclipse

Even though there are still strict restrictions because of COVID-19, there were just under 300,000 tourists that had arrived into the Araucanía region which is 800km south of the Chilean capital of Santiago. Astronomers from all over the world, profesional and still learning gathered to set up telescopes to see the phenomenal occurrence.

The solar eclipse was phenomenal and luckily so many people got to see it, unfortunately it meant so many people were not abiding by the COVID rules.


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“Weather brightens for the Solar Eclipse”

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