Trump’s presidency is ending, but what will he do next and will it be smooth sailing?

  • Trump’s presidency is ending

  • Legal battles are likely to be many after he leaves the White House

  • Trump being investigated for tax evasion, fraud, and much more

Trump’s presidency is ending and he may now be resigned to the fact that he will be exiting both the White House and his presidency towards the end of January, but it is assured that his departure will not result in him drifting off to a quiet twitter-free life of solitude.

His continued legal efforts to overturn the result of the November US election have all failed and, after the vote by the US Electoral College falling in favour of a Biden win, Trump has had no choice but to accept his fate to return to private life at the end of January.

There is no doubt that with his numerous business and television endeavours Trump will have a wide array of opportunities available to him after January 20. However, whatever his choice, it is assured to be just as loud and aggressive as his tenure as US president has been.

Unfortunately for Mr Trump, after he leaves the oval office in January, he will no longer benefit from the legal protections that are provided to a sitting US president. Currently, Trump faces the potential of a number of legal actions related to his family business and some issues relating to event prior to his time in office. These may railroad any plans that Trump currently has in mind for his post-presidency career.

So, what option will Trump be considering?

Political Life

The most evident option that has been widely broadcast is that Trump is considering rerunning for the office of the president in the 2024 US elections. Any president of the United States may only serve two terms, however there is no specific need for these terms to be served concurrently. However, there has only ever been one US President to sit two non-consecutive terms in office: Grover Cleveland.

Trump has already taken steps towards this endeavour by creating a political action committee that will enable his team to fundraise for his presidential campaign and he has already floated the idea of breaking with all presidential tradition by not attending the inauguration of his successor, Joe Biden, and instead use the opportunity to announce his 2024 bid.

TV & Media

Donald Trump on the ApprenticeTrump, a former reality TV star, has hinted on a number of occasions that he has an intention to invest in the start-up of a TV channel and social media company. The purpose of which would go head-to-head with the various news outlets that Trump feel were not supportive enough in their coverage of his time in the presidency.

His intention to start a social media company is a direct retaliation to Twitters decision to post fact-check warning on the president’s tweets claiming that the election result was not being disputed by other sources.

However, whichever path trump decides to follow, he could have a more financially difficult time than he is anticipating. In September Forbes announced that Trump’s net worth had dropped by $00 million dollars on the previous year. Furthermore, his polarising presidency means that his range of businesses, which include the real estate, travel and leisure industries, may not be as appealing to clients or investors as they once were.


Whatever Trump wishes to do after his presidency ends there is no doubt that his initial years out of the oval office will be plagued with legal battles which he will continually have to address.

Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, has been conducting criminal investigations on Trump in relation to hush-money that the Trump organisation is believed to have paid to a number of women that claimed they were sexually abused by the president. However, now the investigators have broadened their net and believe the Trump will also have to face criminal proceedings for tax, bank and insurance fraud among a host of other matters including the falsification of official business documentation.

Furthermore, New York Attorney General, Letitia James, also has an open investigation into Trump’s tax fraud and he is being accused of inflating the value of his assets to save money on loans and insurance.

While Trump emphasises that he believes all these cases to be solely politically motivated and to have no basis in reality, the team investigating the issue appear to feel they have an exceptionally strong case.

Mary TrumpHowever, he cannot claim that all lawsuits are politically motived. Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, has also filed a lawsuit accusing the president of fraud which was meant to deprive her of her share of her family’s estate.

There is furthermore the issue of Trump’s measly federal income tax contribution of just $750 for the year 2016-2017 for which he will face criminal prosecution brought by the U.S. Justice Department for tax evasion.

Ultimately, whatever happens next for Trump, it is guaranteed to keep him in the media limelight for some time to come.


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“Trump’s presidency is ending, but what will he do next and will it be smooth sailing?”

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