Top movies of 2020

Many months of 2020 many people were stuck in their house because of covid-19 restrictions, meaning many movies were watched and rated. Top movies of 2020.

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The number one movie by popularity on IMDB is ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ which actually only scored a 5.5 out of 10 by the people on IMDB. It is the second movie to the first Wonder Woman and has has very mixed reviews by DC super fans.

This is one of the worst reviews, “Why is Warner Brothers hell bent on destroying a potential gold mine, that is the DC franchise. I thought they had finally sorted it with WW and Aquaman. But no, normality resumes. This movie was terrible at everything. Story, dialogue, acting, cgi. Just sell the franchise to another studio and give us DC fans a break – steventonge”

This was one of the best reviews, “A spectacular film, unfortunately not all are pleased, as they are used to generic superhero films, where action takes most of the time. Wonder Woman 84 shows the development that the protagonist needed after the first film. Many do not understand, but this film showed the comic book wonder woman well. A heroine who loves humanity despite all the ugliness, and Gal Gadot knew how to represent that very well. It is a film for those who know how to interpret a good film well, and do not expect beatings all the time. The world does not deserve Diana, because the world deserves generic and superficial characters, which is not the case with Wonder Woman, by the way – marcosalmeida-31503”.

The second most popular movie of 2020 on IMDB was ‘Soul’ an animated Disney Pixar movie which got rated which an impressive 8.2 out of 10. The movie has been said to be one of the best Disney Pixar movies yet, viewers are thoroughly impressed.

IMDB synopsis – Joe is a middle-school band teacher whose life hasn’t quite gone the way he expected. His true passion is jazz — and he’s good. But when he travels to another realm to help someone find their passion, he soon discovers what it means to have soul.

Here is one of the worst reviews of the movie, “The title leads you to think “huh it must be a deep movie” but IT ISN’T, NOT EVEN CLOSE TO… The storyline is boring and the structure of all those fictional dimensions is very chaotic.. For me it was like listening to crazy characters blabbering on and on.. They made absolutely no sense.. It’s a disappointing movie for people who love meaningful stories and ideas…- Leensa”. The low starred reviews are rare on this movie as most people did enjoy it.

This is one of the best reviews of the movie, “I can’t put into words how close to home this movie hit for me. Not to sound pretentious, but it’s more than a movie – it’s a life lesson on how to live. It’ll teach you that life isn’t about careers, goals, passions, or achievements. It’s about living, right here in this moment, exactly where you are.

The voice acting, animation, soundtrack, writing – all phenomenal. It is officially the greatest Pixar movie ever created in my book. Kids will enjoy it, but this one is for the older crowd. It’s for anyone who’s ever felt like their life has been a waste. That they’ve made too many mistakes, that they should have done something else, that it’s too late to live. 10/10 – TheRealistMax”

The next top pick of IMDB is ‘The Midnight Sky’ which now has over 8 nominations as a movie, despite the amount of nominations it has been given, it only scores a 5.6 on IMDB. The movie has a twist, the director is also the starring actor, George Clooney.

Here is one of the worst reviews about the movie, “$100m for this flop? Netflix has too much money, Clooney not enough talent. – Worldviewer” This review is pretty brutal and maybe George Clooney doesn’t deserve how much hate he got for his acting and directing skills but there are some good reviews!

One of the best reviews is, “This is not a usual sci-fi film. Following an apocalyptic event (the reason for which is not told) the stories of the 2 main characters intertwine throughout. One on Earth and one on the spacecraft. Good effects with a spaceship which looks like a modeller has gone mad. Slightly anthropomorphic in design but believable. Great acting by all. I really enjoyed it. It’s a subtle story that moves along slowly, building up to the finale. If you like action filled sci-fi then this is not one for you – lambtonwyrm”. There were many people who enjoyed the film, and this is one of the reviews that proves that people see movies completely different to each other.

We Can Be Heroes is the number 4 movie on IMDB, it is a PG rated movie and has very mixed reviews. It is mixed between the Spy Kids movie and Sharkgirl vs Lavaboy movie, and has a rating of 4.7 out of 10.

Here is one of the worst reviews for the movie, “Not worth it man…you’re better off staring at a wall for an hour – Lanaphob”, this is a harsh critique but the good reviews make up for the bad ones (kind of).

This is one of the best reviews, “I decided to watch this with my nieces and nephew. They thoroughly enjoyed the movie and wanted to see it a second time. They fell in love with Priyanka Chopra’s character and adored Guppy. I would say both were great. It is a cute kids movie and everyone was so into it. I would recommend it to everyone who has kiddies. – sjwalker.”

So, the movie does have mixed reviews and most of the good reviews say it is great if you have kids but adults could become bored quite quickly.


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“Top movies of 2020”

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