Things you should look forward to in 2021

2020 was hard for so many people and 2021 will hopefully be the year where things start to look up and, of course, loads of exciting things to look forward to! Things you should look forward to in 2021.

Things to look forward to in 2021

2020 was depressing, draining and seemed like no one could catch a break from coronavirus, which will now go down in history (crazy, right?). Many things that were cancelled in 2020 are actually going ahead in 2021.
Actions like hugging and shaking people’s hands, those actions that were once normal will hopefully become normal again! So, if everything goes to plan and everyone sticks to the rules set in their areas then 2021 should be a much brighter year for everyone!
Tokyo Olympics 2020 were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and have been rescheduled to take place in July 2021. However, they may be slightly different than usual, a more strict feel to the games.
Everything has been different in 2020, from football games having no fans in the stand to no people in the Britain’s Got Talent seats. It has been empty in all stands but the shows went on and people found new and unique ways to make the players and entertainers feel as if there were people! Football stadiums had big screens with thousands of people on Zoom to watch the football game ‘live’.
However, there were shows that had to completely reschedule because it involved travelling and also could have major chances of the virus spreading. Eurovision 2020 was postponed until 2021 and the Eurovision Song Contest organisers are sure it will happen (the show must go on). So, in 2021 we are all hopefully for that bit of normality, to hear fans in the football stands supporting their teams, to hear fans of artists play their music and so on.
The NASA Perseverance rover lands on Mars in February 2021, so this is something huge to look forward to! There will be billions of people rooting for the rover to find new scientific discoveries. Things you should look forward to in 2021
Of course, the main thing that we all hope for in 2021 is that we can have some sort of COVID-1′ immunity and people are able to start living their lives ‘semi-normal’ again. The injection is already being administered, however, there are some side effects and people are trying their hardest to perfect the drug.
The quadrennial football tournament was supposed to take place in 2020 as it was the marking of the contests 60th anniversary. There isn’t much to worry about as the games will take place in 2021. The games will take place in 12 different countries around Europe like Spain, Romania and Russia and more. Things you should look forward to in 2021
There are many more things to look forward to like new TV shows, new art, new music, new movies, many things! 2021 will be the year where things get better, when we can actually go to our friends houses, our families homes and go hug our grandparents (with caution). 2021 will be better, stay positive!
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