Things you should know before travelling to Australia

Travelling is an amazing experience and opportunity but with such good comes some bad, travellers need to keep safe and know certain rules before travelling. Things you should know before travelling to Australia.

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Make sure before leaving your own country that you have checked all visa requirements, Australia requires a visa to enter the country even if you are only having a short stop over. You can buy the visa online, however you need to be careful which visa you choose as there are a few different ones. There are tourist visa, working visa, a study visa and more so picking the one appropriate for you is important. You also need to have a passport which a certain amount of validity and all documents required, there are also a requirement that all injection must be up-to-date before entering Australia as a safety measure.

Australia is known for its beautiful views and atmosphere and is also known for its unique landscapes and is free from certain pests and illnesses. The Australian Government takes quarantine laws very seriously, upon arrival in Australia you need to declare all the food, plant material and animal products to ensure the safety of the island. The things you need to declare are seeds, fruits, feather, leather and skins including anything you made of wood. If security officers believe you are carrying anything that should have been declared they will question the person and search their bags. If people carry things and do not declare them, and then get caught they will be faced with a very large fine.Things you should know before travelling to Australia  The weather in Australia in summer can be extremely hot and dangerous, rising well over 40 degrees Celsius much of the summer. Heat stroke, dehydration and sunburn is common in Australia, but because the UV rays are so strong it is extremely important to wear sunscreen and reapply often and drink lots of water. You do not want to be in whilst travelling because of not putting enough suncream on. Try and do activities outside on the cooler days and make sure you always have water, suncream and an extra top with you incase you want to cover your shoulders and a hat for your head. The motto that Australians live by is “Slip, Slop, Slap; slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat to protect yourself from the sun, even in cloudy weather.” Be cautious and smart about sitting in the shade and wearing cream. Things you should know before travelling to Australia

A top tip before travelling anywhere is to plan your trip, Australia is a massive place and  getting to different areas can be difficult, thinking you can go to Sydney and stop off in Perth then go to the Great Barrier Reef it’s not that easy. Each place has a rather big distance between them, the best piece of advice for travelling Australia is give yourself enough time, even if you stay there for a year you will not see every part of the continent, however, the time you stay there is based on visa that you can get.Things you should know before travelling to Australia

Book tours, go see Sydney Harbour Bridge, see the Sydney Opera House, see the Great Barrier Reef and all the wonders of the continent. Plan your trip, pick the main places you want to visit and plan your trip around the way you want to travel Australia. Australia is beautiful and shouldn’t be travelled round in a rush, and if you do have a very limited amount of time like 2 months, then spend a longer time in less areas to really be able to enjoy each place.

Australia is known for the nature and beautiful scenery and the beaches are one of the many beautiful sites. Australian beaches can be dangerous, so, swim between the flags. The beaches are unfortunately well known for the rips and undercurrents in the ocean. The beaches are constantly patrolled by lifesavers and the beaches also have flags in which people need to swim between to be able to be saved if they are in trouble. Sydney’s Bondi beach is patrolled all year round because of the oceans vicious rip currents. So, swim between the flags.

Take your time when planning your trip to Australia as it can be daunting, sometimes going with the flow is the best way. You might get to Sydney and decide to don’t like it as it’s too busy and you might want to head to Perth, so planning everything isn’t necessarily the best way, but having an outline is very important. Stay safe, stay away from animals you haven’t seen or heard of before are there are lots of scary animals in Australia. Stay safe but more importantly enjoy and be respectful of the beautiful country.


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“Things you should know before travelling to Australia”

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