The Queen’s of Christmas do it again!

If you haven’t already heard the new catchy Christmas song, “Oh, Santa!”, go listen to it, it will get stuck in your head. The Queen’s of Christmas do it again!

  • What is the song about?
  • Who sings the song?
  • What has everyone said about the song?

Mariah Carey, the ‘Queen of Christmas’ has taken her 2010 song, “Oh, Santa!” and invited Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson to revamp the Christmas song. The new Christmas pop song came out December 4 and has already been trending as this may be everyone’s new favourite Christmas song.

The 2010 remix is part of Mariah Carey’s new Magical Christmas Special which is aired on Apple TV+. Back in October of 2020 Mariah had hinted that the three were going to collaborate on something as she posted a picture on Twitter of three director chairs with the three ladies initials on, AG, JH, MC.

Ariana Grande posted her excitement over the collaboration too! She stated that she was always wishing for a collaboration as she admires Mariah Carey so much and now in 2020 she has released a song with the Queen of Christmas and Jennifer Hudson.

Fans are going wild over the fact that Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey managed to harmonise their whistle tones, which sounds amazing together. The fans of the three are in absolute shock and the Tweets on Twitter and still Tweeting, people are obsessed.

All Mariah, Ariana and Jennifer fans were screaming, but not only that, all Christmas lovers were screaming over the song too. It is the picture of feminism, all three are powerful women who have fought for what they have. The music itself is amazing but the ladies behind the song are even more wonderful.


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“The Queen’s of Christmas do it again!”

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