Stealing your partners hoodie is normal!

This is not a joke, there is an actual scientific meaning behind stealing your partners hoodies! You are not strange or annoying, you’re actually quite normal. Stealing your partners hoodie is normal!

So, when your girlfriend or boyfriend steals your hoodie she/he isn’t clingy or annoying it just means she or he loves you! Wearing your partners clothes is actually good for your health, it is of course, very comfortable especially if your partner is bigger than you but the smell from your partners clothes can help combat stress.

If you are feeling anxious and you ‘borrow’ a hoodie off of your partner, you will feel almost instantly better, as it releases stress. The smells can reduce cortisol levels which is the stress hormone and anxiety levels. So, if your partner decides to moan about you stealing their hoodie, then just tell them it helps your anxiety and you will feel better.Stealing your partners hoodie is normal!

There are scientific studies that show women have made their boyfriend wear a hoodie for 24 hours then froze the hoodies to retain the scent. The women who were in the relationship with the men who wore the hoodies for 24 hours then were asked to smell three hoodies at random, and the woman was able to identify which hoodie was owned by  her partner.

They were even asked to take part in a ‘stressful’ situation, like a maths test or a fake interview that felt real to see how they coped after smelling their partners hoodie. The woman’s stress levels were monitored by saliva samples and verbally, and it revealed that the women that had just smelled their partners scent had much lower stress levels than those who didn’t smell their partners scent.

It also revealed that the women who smelt the strangers scent were proved to be more stress, which was reoccurring. This happen when women smells a male strangers scent. It’s also a massive sign of affection and feels so good to love someone so much that their scent makes you feel better.


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“Stealing your partners hoodie is normal!”

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