Social distancing Christmas jumper alarms warn people to keep away

  • Social distancing Christmas jumper making waves
  • Home security company behind the idea
  • Company is selling the jumpers to raise money for charity

Social distancing Christmas jumper makes a splash as the holidays are here, but unfortunately, so is a pandemic. So, the good folks over at Simplisafe, primarily an American Home Security company, have devised, what they think, is an ideal way to keep you and your loved ones safe over the festive period.


Now, let’s be honest, at this time of year everyone loves a good, classic, comic Christmas jumper. They bring a feeling of festive nostalgia and come in an extreme range of variations. Whether it is classic knitted patterns to one that plays your favourite Christmas tunes or one that lights you up like a firework display. However, Simplisafe may have taken the Christmas jumper to excess with this latest iteration.

Social distancing Christmas jumperInfluenced by the need for the public to maintain social distancing at a time of year when close personal contact in inherent in the celebrations, their new Christmas jumper prototype will flash and sound alarms when someone breaks social distancing.

The hi-tech festive garment is adorned with motion sensor technology that knows when granny gets in too close and sets of the alarms and lights that are rigged into the knitwear.

In a news statement, SimpliSafe creative director, Wade Devers, said, “Heading into the holiday season, it became clear that the typical stressors and logistics of the holidays were going to be exacerbated this year,”

Social distancing Christmas jumper“As the experts on protection, albeit home protection, we wanted to give people a playful way to protect themselves during this year’s holiday celebrations. It’s really meant to bring some light-heartedness to a time that’s otherwise proven very stressful.”

Andrew Bloch, a high level consultant in the creative and marketing services industry, took to Twitter to call the move out as “PR Stunt of the Day”.


However, you are about to be sorely disappointed, as the prototype is not available to purchase and rather appears to be a marketing ploy by the company to drum up more interest in their wider business.

That said, the company has made a version of the jumper available to purchase that does not have the lights or sensors attached and all the proceeds of the sales will go to NeighborWorks America Rental Resilience Fund, which helps keep individuals and families economically impacted by COVID-19 housed through the pandemic.

Social distancing Christmas jumperKeen buyers can also go online to find the instructions from Simplisafe as to how to rig the social distancing system themselves. The rigging of the system, however, is neither cheap nor particularly easy to do. There is a range of tech needed to make the jumper work including a 3D printer to create some of the parts.

The best bet would be to be more self-aware, stay in your social bubble and buy an actual Christmas jumper that makes you happy this festive season.


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“Social distancing Christmas jumper alarms warn people to keep away”

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