Sleep is just as important as anything else

We all feel a little tired sometimes, and sometimes we’re even tired of being tired but there are tips and tricks to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is just as important as anything else.

Tips to help sleep better

Sleeping can be hard for anyone, and as we get older our sleep becomes shorter and more interrupted. This can be changed if you set exercises for yourself to go through before going to sleep.

You can start off your sleep routine as soon as you wake up, if you exercise it will tire you out and help you sleep for longer. Exercising doesn’t mean you have to do intense hour long sessions, you can go for a walk for 30 minutes and it will still help your sleeping pattern. Your body reacts to daylight in a positive way and can help raise melanin which will lead to a better sleep.

One of the top tips to getting a better sleep is only using your bed for sleeping and more intimate times. Avoid having a TV in your room, or looking at your phone for long periods of time, as it will cause your mind to stay awake for longer. So sexy time and sleep are the best two options for the bedroom, save the TV for the living room. Separating your sleep routine from your normal life is important.

You also want your bed and bedroom to be the most comfortable as possible as having a comfortable environment will make you feel relaxed and make it easier to sleep through the night. Sleeping is usually best when you have a routine to follow, drink a glass of water before you decide to get into bed, when you are in bed then get your pillows comfortable and then try and go to sleep.

Once you have a routine of going to bed for a certain time and waking up at a certain time, sleeping will get better. It could even mean you have a set routine of having a shower, moisturising, having a glass of milk, getting into bed and reading a book. It is completely up to you as it is personal preference.

One thing that will disrupt your sleep routine is if you are either hungry or too full, if you are hungry a grumbling stomach will keep you up and if you are too full then you will most likely get indigestion and struggle sleeping. If you do get hungry before bed have a small snack, like an apple, or a banana with peanut butter, little snacks will not effect your sleep pattern.

If you decide to have a caffeinated drink or alcoholic beverage before you go to sleep you will struggle falling asleep, as those two beverages are stimulants and can even keep you up all night. It is said that you shouldn’t have a caffeinated after certain times, of course, depending on your work routine and what time you wake up and go to sleep then having a coffee or tea after 3pm can disrupt your sleeping.

Try de-stressing exercises, like yoga, drawing, reading or anything that will calm you before you get into bed. De-stressing is helpful to your sleep pattern as it can clear your mind, allow you to switch off from the outside world to be able to have a peaceful sleep.

Not all of these tricks may work on some people as it could be a medical problem, however, these tricks can be incredible if you stick to them for long periods of time. It is important to have a good sleep routine to be able to function properly all throughout the day. Sleep will make you feel productive, energetic and focused.


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“Sleep is just as important as anything else”

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