Pornhub removes over 10 million videos

Pornhub is one of the most visited and biggest companies in the world. In 2020, the website has became even more popular but there have been some changes. Pornhub removes over 10 million videos.

  • What is Pornhub?
  • Why make changes now?

Pornhub is an adult entertainment website and is extremely popular, and has been especially busy over the last few months of 2020. However, Pornhub have been making changes, they have deleted over 10 million videos on their website. The company announced they were deleting all ‘unverified’ videos and images from the website on December 14.

The company released a statement along with the announcement of deleting unverified content and they said, “As part of our policy to ban verified uploads, we have now also suspended all previously uploaded content that was not created by content partners or members of the Model Program”.

There were over 13.5 million videos that were available to search before they started deleting the videos, however after they had removed most unverified content there were only 2.9 million videos available to watch. The parent company of Pornhub is MindGeek and the changes made to Pornhub will also be applied to MindGeek.

The changes come after there were many complaints about child sexual abuse material and other ‘nonconsensual’ videos on the site. Pornhub confirmed that there were 118 videos linked to child sexual abuse material which had been found by the ‘Internet Watch Foundation’.

The changes were made so quickly as there have been problems in the past about anti-pornography groups trying to shut down pan sites completely. Pornhub blamed one group in particular for putting so many people against the website and that is the ‘TraffickingHub campaign’.

There was a panic over sex trafficking that had nothing to do with the adult website, however the company itself is the easiest thing to blame for people that disagree with porn. The campaign is rued by anti-sex work activist Laila Mickelwait who is from the right-wing Christian group Exodus Cry. The company has declined all of the issues regarding the ‘abusive’ content.Pornhub removes over 10 million videos


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“Pornhub removes over 10 million videos”

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