Places you need on your bucket list

Traveling hasn’t gone as many had planned this year, however, it doesn’t mean you can’t plan new places to visit and add to your bucket list. Places you need on your bucket list.

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Bucket list destinations change every year as people discover more unexplored beautiful places, but here are some of the top bucket list destinations as of 2019. By 2021 when the world is back in working order and people can travel, tourism will get better and more people will be able to visit new and exciting destinations.

One of the top bucket list destination for anyone interested in travelling would be Bali, Indonesia. The country is full of the most wonderful landscapes, delicious food and the nicest locals, who just want to make your experience the best ever. Bali is filled with magical areas, Seminyak and Kuta are filled with tourist, you can eat delicious food from American burger places, to sushi places and more.

These two areas have beautiful beaches and many surfers go to Kuta to ride the waves. Bali is paradise, you can book a five star villa for a week that could cost you as little as $15 a night, with a chef, cleaner and butler in the room. The cheap prices bring many tourists over from Australia, beers can be as cheap as 0.50 cent and meals can be as cheap as $1.00.

The possibilities in Bali are endless, on one side of the beautiful country there are mountains and volcanoes you can climb. Mount Batur is one of the most known tourist attractions, the volcano is 1.717 meters, tourists are accompanied by a tour guide and take frequent stops. The hike is difficult but not impossible, just be sure to bring a flash light and water, you can even boil an egg in the volcano!

In other areas of Bali you have amazing beach bars, delicious cocktails and exquisite food. You can very easily feel very wealthy in Bali even if you are not, there are zoo’s that house orangutans, Komodo dragons and sheltered elephants. Tourists can whizz around on a little motorbike, and really enjoy Bali. Visiting where they want, when they want. As long as you as a tourist respect the country and the people, you will have an extremely enjoyable time.

New Orleans is also a very popular destination to visit and is on any open-minded, musically inclined persons bucket list. The city is wonderful, full of happy, joyful music, with a rich historical background. The places you can find in New Orleans are incredible. The lively city is best known for its street music and festive people, the city is drench in French, African and American culture.

The food in New Orleans is a spin off of a typical Louisiana meal mixed with all of the culture rich tastes, spicy food, boiled crawfish, the flavoursome foods of all cultures intertwined. If you plan your trip to New Orleans when Mardi Gras takes place then you will experience one of the best shows. Mardi Gras lasts around two weeks in New Orleans and it allows people to wear costumes, consume as much food as alcohol as desired and stay up all night. The parades are culture filled, and really connect everyone at the event, it is something you wouldn’t want to miss if New Orleans is on your bucket list (which is should be).

Marrakech, Morocco is known for its unforgettable scents, fun markets and beautiful culture. The luxury city makes for a great holiday, upon arrival the bustling city may seem strange and scary but it’s not. Marrakech is filled with things you probably wouldn’t see in many other places.

Snake charmers to exotic dancers, to the busy bazaars fill the streets and the bazaars make tourists want to buy everything in sight because of the bright colours and fun patterns. Marrakech has its own unique character, the city always has new things to explore, the historical mosques, to the markets, to all of the amazing food choices that would fill your belly with smiles. The city is incredible, it’s a city that never sleeps.

If this European country isn’t already on your bucket list, then add it straight away! Rome, Italy is one of the most popular European countries. In Rome, there is always something new to discover, whether it be a new restaurant, a new shop, or a new historical building, there is always something new. Italian food alone could put Rome on your bucket list, the taste for pasta and pizza will make you go back to Italy over and over. The ancient ruins prove for a very good few days out, to really explore and learn about the history rich city.

Rome is the city of love and you will leave Rome feeling more in love with yourself and the city than ever. Put Rome on your bucket list, eat the delicious cuisine, see the historical background of the city and of course enjoy the wining and dining like you should. Fall in love with the architecture, take ‘touristy’ pictures, visit the vineyards, museums, there is always something new and most importantly there is always something for someone to enjoy.

Tokyo, Japan is the world hub for anime, futuristic technology and fashion. Tokyo is not only a futuristic city but it is also a beautiful one with cherry blossom tours, amazing shopping areas and cultural richness like temples and shrines. Tokyo also brings with it, its amazingly exquisite and healthy ingredients that make the food. Akihabara is one of the top interests for people with a taste for technology or anime. It is definitely a must have on your bucket list. The area is on the pricier side so be prepared for lots of money to be spent if you enjoy all of the gadgets and ‘gizmos’ the area has.

2020 hasn’t been the best or easiest year, but 2021 will come with more opportunities and  time to travel. If you choose to add any of these destinations to your bucket list you will not regret the decision. There are many places to add to your bucket list to explore and it all depends on what kind of holiday you want to have, a relaxed holiday, an athletic holiday, a traveling holiday or a ‘visit one place’ holiday.


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“Places you need on your bucket list”

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