Paul McCartney Finds His Way

Paul McCartney released an album that he had recorded during his COVID quarantine, and it has 11 songs on it! Paul McCartney Finds His Way.

‘McCartney III’ is Paul McCartney’s 18th solo album since leaving the Beatle’s and it was released on December 18. In his album Paul McCartney show cases his vocal and instrumental talents as he played all instruments and sang all the vocals. He also did all the vocals and instruments on his two previous solo albums, ‘McCartney’ released in 1970’s and ‘McCartney II’ which was released in 1980. Paul McCartney Finds His Way

Along with McCartney releasing his album, he also released the first music video from the album. The music video is goes with the song ‘Find My Way’ and Paul McCartney was very excited to film and release the video.

McCartney’s old bandmate Ringo Starr from The Beatles also released a record that he recorded in quarantine. The record is a five-song ‘album’ which is called ‘Zoom In’ which has contributions from McCartney, Dave Grohl and Finneas.

The Beatle star, Paul McCartney has already got over 1.5 million views in less that 5 days.


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“Paul McCartney Finds His Way”

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