Oxford Circus branded by Playstation 5

Many people have been long awaiting the playstation 5 and many people have pre-ordered. With trends online where girls get their partners to dress up and make funny videos after promising to buy them the playstation 5, this is blackmailing at its finest. Oxford Circus branded by Playstation 5.

  • PS5 branding across the UK
  • Difference between the two PS5 consoles
  • Rivalry between Microsoft and Sony

Playstation pulled off a major marketing stunt in Oxford Circus, UK which will last for 48 hours, until November 20. They have managed to change some underground signs to the shapes on the controller, along with putting up branding throughout the station.

Sony also placed their branding outside of the Microsoft headquarters, who recently released their Xbox. The playstation 5 was released in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico and South Korea on November 12, however, the other places like the UK and Europe have had to wait until November 19.

All pre-orders are sold out, however, there will be more stock released on November 19. Sony has released two versions of the playstation 5, the prices differ as they have different specifications. The playstation 5 digital edition has no disc drive,  therefore is a lot slimmer and more symmetrical and is on sale for £359.99. Whereas the playstation 5 standard console has a slight bulge at the bottom where the hardware sits for the disc drive, so it is slightly bulkier and costs £449.99.



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