Organising your lifestyle through simple steps

If you have a busy life staying organised can be difficult, but it will make everything around you feel less hectic. Organising your lifestyle through simple steps.

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If you are a very disorganised person, do not worry because even organised people started off a little messy. Some actions like writing things down, getting rid of useless products can help you feel decluttered literally and in your mind.

Write Everything Down!

There’s always that one person that you know that remembers everyone’s birthdays, this is because they write everything down! Trying to be organised involves actually wanting to be organised. Get a notebook or a calendar and put it in an area that is easily accessible to you.Organising your lifestyle through simple steps

A shopping list can be a life-saver. No one likes going to the shops with products they need in their mind, getting home and realising they’ve missed half of the products they needed and then having to go back out to buy them again. It is not fun. However, do you see the organised people forgetting things often? NO, and this is one of the reasons.Organising your lifestyle through simple steps

In the mornings, writing down your agenda for the day can also be very helpful. Knowing what you have to get done throughout the day will make you feel like you have a purpose, make you feel like you are organised.

Scheduling Is For The Cool Kids

Staying organised is also linked to people being productive. Knowing what to do with your day will help you organise yourself and what you need to prioritise throughout the day. If you have kids, then scheduling will help you not pull out your hair. You can tell them what they have to do each day and they can be rewarded with a gold star or something along the lines of that. Scheduling will also help the kids in the future as they have experienced some responsibility.

Organised people do not waste time, every part of the day is crucial. If you live in a cluttered house, your lifestyle is most likely cluttered too. Cluttered people will not have allowed themselves the time or space to reach deadlines or be able to stay organised.

Try Not To Be A Couch Potato

Procrastination is the favoured word of the 2020 era. When you put something off, it will be more difficult to get it done later on. Many young adults in University or College tend to procrastinate a lot, and if they leave an essay until the day before they have to submit it they will be very stressed and overwhelmed. Procrastinating is a motivation thing, it is being slightly lazy or thinking something will be hard to do but making it harder on yourself by putting it off unnecessarily.Organising your lifestyle through simple steps

Everything Has A Place

You see that salt shaker sitting on your kitchen worktop that looks out of place. Well, guess what? There is in fact a place for the salt shaker! Completely clearing out your house, doing each room at once will not only reinvent your house but also your lifestyle.

Clearing out will give you a sense of relief and allow more space for more important things. Everything has a home, you just need to start the clearing out process. Buy storage boxes, or aesthetically pleasing boxes to help make the process more enjoyable. Labelling is usually a trick that most organised people use, each cupboard or box has a label explaining what is inside.

Be Smart About What You Keep

When organising you need to keep in mind, ‘have I used this in the last 6 months?’, ‘is this out of date?’, ‘could this go into storage instead of living in my house?’. If you have not used products in a long time and you don’t necessarily need them, do not keep them for the sake of it, as it just clutters the space.Organising your lifestyle through simple steps

If anything is out of date, get rid of it, you are wasting space. If you have been using the same mascara for 3 years, bin it! Be smart about your decisions and what you decide to keep and not keep, but do not attach yourself to unnecessarily objects like hair ties, or oils to stop receding hair and now you’re bald.

Effort Is Key To Organising

Effort can make a major difference to the smallest of actions. Organising is a big job, and is  very time consuming, but staying organised isn’t as time consuming and is extremely satisfying. After writing things to remember down, make a schedule of what you need to do, hand out responsibilities throughout the house, declutter you will be ready to STAY organised.

Working hard is important as without it you will never feel organised, relaxed or decluttered in life. The smallest actions like washing the dishes for your parents or your spouse can have a massive impact on how it makes the other person feel. Organisation is very important in adult life.

How To Stay Organised

Take all of the tips from above into account, and use them. You will be surprised how different you feel in life from some of the small changes that can be made. Organising your lifestyle through simple steps. Writing people’s names down when you meet them so you remember their names can feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders. Stay organised, you won’t regret it, you’ll be thankful!


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“Organising your lifestyle through simple steps”

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