National Theatre launches streaming service with live and archived performances available to view


  • National Theatre launch subscription streaming service

  • Streaming Service was trialled over the summer

  • Live performances will be streamed to the viewers home

  • A range of archived performances will also be available

National Theatre launches streaming service to cope with the economic decline due to coronavirus restrictions and closures.

National Theatre launches streaming

With the continued closure of many theatres up and down the country it is evident that the coronavirus pandemic is continuing to have a drastic impact on the theatres and theatre companies.

Therefore, the theatre industry in taking a leap into the future in an attempt to keep revenue flowing throughout the worst economic crisis to theatres for decades.

National Theatre launches streamingOver the past number of years, Ballets, Plays and Music Concerts have been live streamed to cinemas so the public could buy their ticket and experience the performance within a larger immersive environment without having to travel hundreds of miles to the venue.

The National Theatre is now taking this one step further by launching its own streaming service, a Netflix for the National Theatre.

National Theatre launches streamingThe National Theatre at Home service launched on Tuesday, December 1, is available as both a monthly subscription service or a pay-per-play service. The service costs £9.98 per month on subscription or anywhere from £5.99-£7.99 as the pay-per-play service. So whether you are interested in Helen Mirren in Phèdre or and Billie Piper in Yerma, National Theatre at Home has you covered.

The initiative comes off the back of a thoroughly successful trial period during the summer which saw the National Theatre stream performances on Thursday evenings and over the period of the summer showed 16 productions resulted in 15m views in 173 countries.

National Theatre launches streamingRufus Norris, the director of the National Theatre, said, “It has been an extraordinarily difficult time for this theatre and for all theatres and we’ve had to make some very painful financial decisions and if there is a way of serving an audience but also bringing some income in to the theatre, that is a sensible thing to do.

“The primary objective, even within that, is that a lot of the money that we bring in is immediately fed back to the artists who made the work and our partner theatres. As we know the freelance artists, on who this industry entirely depends, have been facing huge difficulties at this time so any income we can get to them is going to be crucial.”

Norris did admit that despite the summers success it had taken him a while to come around to the idea, not least because live theatre is supposed to be viewed live on state.

He said, “It has been a funny old learning curve. When NT Live was launched, I was a sceptic, I thought the whole point is that live relationship between the actor and the audience member, but the success proved otherwise.”

The streaming service will offer two differing strands of performances, those performed live on stage and streamed live to the audience at home and access to a large range of archived performances.


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“National Theatre launches streaming service with live and archived performances available to view”

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