Manifesting your way through 2021

The act of manifesting has been around for years so here are some steps to manifest anything you want. Manifesting your way through 2021.

  • What is manifestation?
  • How does manifestation work?
  • Steps to manifest anything you want

Manifestation has millions of different ways to explain what manifesting is, however, here are some of the easiest ways to understand the first steps into Law of Attraction. One of the easiest ways to explain manifesting is something you end up having physically through feelings, thoughts and beliefs. So, whatever you are focusing on hard will eventually be reality. The processes of manifesting are also different, you can manifest through meditation, you can try via conscious or subconscious thoughts or even visualisation.

Let’s talk about getting that new job you desperately want! Well, the more the ‘goal’ is in your thoughts and feeling then there should be a strong drive. Starting off with the thought process of manifesting, ‘It is what I deserve, I am good at this area of expertise, I want this job, I will get this job.’ then eventually using this ‘goal’ in meditation. It will become reality. Manifesting also has a lot to do with what you truly believe you deserve, there is self-love and self-trust that come into the thought process of manifesting, you have to believe in yourself.

Manifestation is all about positive energy, if yo are constantly thinking negatively and always feeling down then you will be manifesting negative energy. The positive energy and thoughts directly link to how you can manifest anything positive and make it happen. If you are feeling negative and down about certain things then it could be that you aren’t ready to manifest the positives. It is very important to have a clear and positive outlook before wanting to look into manifestation and making it a reality. Manifesting your way through 2021

Of course, if manifesting was just thoughts and meditation everyone and their grandmother would be doing it if it got them what they want. That is not how it works! Manifestation works on both parts, mostly on you becoming your positive self and really going out there and trying to make your thoughts become a reality.

If you do want a certain job, you have to go out and ace the interview, it can’t just be you sitting there hoping you get it. The action from yourself is what makes it happen and believing you can do it is step number 1. Actively apply for jobs, look forward to the interviews as you could be closer to your dream job and be confident in yourself. Manifesting your way through 2021

Visualising yourself in certain scenarios, perhaps sitting in your new office chair thinking about how comfortable you feel in your new job before you get it can make you feel positive and motivated. All of these actions, of self-love, self-praise and self-visualisation are steps to manifesting what you want from life, making them become reality.

How to manifest – Manifesting your way through 2021 

You first have to choose something specific you would like to manifest and it is also extremely important to know yourself why you want that specific thing to manifest. Also knowing how long you have to manifest something is important too, if you want to manifest in 48 hours (can’t start a new business in 2 days)  you have to believe it can happen in two days or it won’t happen. However, if you are manifesting to start a new business then actions can be done in a few days. You can complete a business plan in a day and you can also manifest that you will get the bank loan you need.

There are questions you need to ask yourself before you start manifesting, this is because whatever you want and are trying to manifest in life should be for the right reasons.

  • “Do I really want this, from the bottom of my heart?”
  • “What will the benefits be from this?”
  • “When I think about having this, does it feel right?”

‘Manifesting your way through 2021’ usually starts with deciding what you want to manifest, deciding which path you want to go down and really connecting with the idea, will help you manifest. Connect with the action and ask yourself the questions to see if it really is the right thing to manifest. Believe you will get it, of course, with the work you decide to put in yourself, make the universe know you want it.

Now, another thing about manifestation and positive thoughts is that you have to get rid of all the negative. When it comes to being successful there is usually always something in the way, it is life’s way of putting metaphorical hurdles infront of us.

Get rid of the negative beliefs and thoughts, if you are down you will struggle with the mindset you should be in to manifest anything. Before starting to manifest anything you should try to self-care, really practice this as you need to be happy and healthy in yourself, not just to manifest but for life in general. Negativity quite often blocks out the good, so if you are feeling down and good things happen, they will be shadowed by the negative thoughts. Work on yourself first!

Get rid of toxic people, sometimes this is easier said than done because it can often be the people that are closest to us that are toxic, but don’t let them stop you. Do not let anyone tell you you cannot do it or they do not believe in you. These people are quite often jealous that you are self-loving and believing in yourself. Family, friends or partners that are toxic are not worth your time and completely interrupt your manifesting process.

Being patient is a key factor to manifesting in life, not everything will happen in a few days, weeks or sometimes even years, but do not lose faith. Everything you want in life will happen, however, sometimes it doesn’t necessarily happen when you had planned on it to happen. Keep working to achieve the goals you want to achieve, work hard, and prove you want it.

Visualisation can be as easy as going somewhere quiet and private and visualising that specific thing you want. When you pour all of your energy into this one thing you want to manifest eventually you will be able to see it in your mind, let the good feelings from the visualisation come through.

Trying to visualise it so it is as real as possible can really make it feel as if it is yours already. You need to be sure to focus on the outcome, the end result of what you have worked for, the end result of what you desired and you will feel an overwhelming emotion of motivation, desire and positivity. You can do it if you try hard enough. Again, the work you put into the manifesting is important, you need to actively work on what you want, not just think about how much you want it. You need to act upon it.

There are so many ways to manifest things in life, but these are the main ways and not only are they helpful for helping you achieve what you want, they also help boost your own self confidence. Manifesting your way through 2021 is going to be trying as hard as you can and if you want it that bad and you will get it. Believing you can get something is one of the key aspects for manifesting things in life.


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“Manifesting your way through 2021”

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