Makeup tips and tricks that could save you

Makeup, like everything changes over the years especially with the new fashion trends. Makeup isn’t just about looking good and feeling good it can also be an expression of your feelings. Makeup tips and tricks that could save you.

  • What are some of the best makeup tips?
  • What can makeup do for someone?

There are many makeup tricks that can make your skin look flawless and here are some tips and tricks to the most red-carpet ready or natural looking makeup.

To have a good make-up look that looks blended into the skin and silky it needs to be applied on to a fresh canvas. Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising will give your skin that prime surface to apply the makeup on. When cleansing, adding in a ‘facial massage’ will make the blood flow faster, it will plump up the lines and also hydrate the skin deeply. Makeup tips and tricks that could save you Makeup tips and tricks that could save you

Not everyone is the same, some people prefer to do their face makeup before their eye makeup, however, doing your eye makeup first can actually be easier. If you plan on doing a big smokey eye or even just some darker colours then there is a possibility that the powders will fall on to your skin. Having a fresh face with loads of coloured powders on it isn’t ideal as you could just end up spreading the colours over the flawless base.

Eyelash curlers are a makeup product you should invest in, they aren’t necessarily overly expensive but they can be. If you buy a more expensive one, it is more likely to last longer and do a better job. A makeup motto to go by is that sometimes ‘less is more’ so having a strong curled lash and little mascara on can open the eye a lot.

Putting the effort into your brows can make a huge change to the look of your makeup. It can change the face shape and accentuate all the points you want to. Adding powders and gels to the eyebrows can make them appear thicker, and drawing on brows in certain shapes and colours will change whether or not your makeup look will appear natural or heavy.

Again, this tip isn’t loved by all people. However, using makeup brushes is more hygienic especially if you are doing other peoples makeup. Using your fingers can be good, if you are blending in concealer under the eyes, the heat of your own body temperature will melt the concealer into the skin. Blending with your fingers is what most makeup artists get told to avoid as using your fingers can spread bacteria and increase the chances of breakouts. Make sure to clean your brushes often, sometimes we get lazy and we forget and think it isn’t as dirty if we leave it that while longer but it is still unhygienic.Makeup tips and tricks that could save you

A top tip for lipstick lovers is mixing the shades of your lip liner to the shade of your lipsticks. Different shades can accentuate the shape of your lips, it can make them look bigger, ‘poutier’ and even longer if you like. Using a dark lipliner on the outside and a lighter lipstick in the middle will give off the idea that you have bigger lips.

Each and every person has their own personal tips and tricks and not everyone has the same shaped face so every makeup tips will be different depending on the shape of their face, their lips, their eyes. Makeup is all about trial and error but it does help to know some basic tricks to help tweak them into your own style and what suits you best.


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“Makeup tips and tricks that could save you”

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