Lemons can make you feel skinnier

Did you know the smell of a lemon can make you feel thinner and vanilla makes people feel heavier? Lemon has many health benefits. Lemons can make you feel skinnier.

  • The difference between lemon and vanilla scent
  • What health benefits do lemons have?

Scents are a massive part in making people feel good about themselves, if you walk by a lemon scented candle, or have a fresh, citrus lemon perfume then you are most likely to feel better about yourself especially when you drink lemon water.

Sounds and scents both play a a part in how we feel about ourselves, something like as heavy footsteps can make us feel sluggish and not feel body positive. An extremely popular scent like vanilla can make you feel ‘heavier’.

Lemon water has became increasingly popular over recent years as it has been a ‘trend’. Lemon water is as basic as having a glass of water and squeezing lemon juice into it, and it can be drank hot or cold.

Drinking water is crucial but adding extra nutrients can help keep the body hydrated. Staying hydrated helps the body regulate it’s temperature and can even improve physical abilities, because drinkers will have more energy. Being hydrated is also linked to help weight loss, as hydration can breakdown fats and speed up fat loss. Drinking water also helps with water retention, which is bloating, feeling puffy and weight gain. It has many benefits that can help with the weight loss process. Lemons can make you feel skinnier

Water can be good if you want to avoid snacking, it can make you feel full without having to eat or pick at snacks. Drinking water with a meal makes people less hungry and by adding the lemon it adds some flavour if you don’t particularly like drinking water on its own.

Lemon water can be drank in many different ways, and it is up to you and your personal preference to try new concoctions.

You can do half water, half lemon but if that isn’t enough for you, then you can add more ingredients.

  • Water, lemon juice, fresh mint leaves
  • Water, lemon juice, turmeric
  • Water, lemon juice, tea bag or coffee
  • Water, lemon juice and/or any fruits or vegetables

Here is a link to 5 ways to make lemon water!

You can add lemon juice to any beverage of your preference but water is the best option as the two ingredients together make for a healthy, tasty choice.

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“Lemons can make you feel skinnier”

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