Jaw dropping – Amazing Interiors

If you love interior design then you most likely enjoy the programs and movies that come with that, here is one for you. Jaw dropping – Amazing Interiors.

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In 2018 Netflix added ‘Amazing Interiors’ to their wide array of design programs and it is literally, ‘amazing’. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Never judge a book by its cover”, this program is the perfect example of that phrase you have heard your whole life. The houses in this one season, 12 episode show are incredible.

The episodes range from a man-made roller coaster ride in a back garden done by amateurs, a hockey fans dream man cave, a turn table in a man cave along with a $30,000 pool table, there is even a medieval home.

Each episode features two areas that have been completely finished and one area that is being built whilst the show is going on and the viewers get to see the end product. Some of the house, apartments, basements are so unbelievable that you do have to watch the show to believe any of it is real.

The first episode of the show features ‘Chicago Cubs Cave’, an ‘Aquarium house’ and ‘The love boat’, each and everyone of the episodes are completely different. Each house/ area tells a story and shows the personality of the owner in a new light. These people are incredible artists, creators and interior designers that have the will power to make nothing into something.

Another episode debuts a ‘Doll house’, ‘House of Murals’ and also ‘shapeshifter flat’, the ‘Doll house’ is a pastel coloured apartment with horses, flowers, everything pink! It is a sanctuary but maybe not to everyones preference. Then we have the ‘House of Murals’ and this house gives the wow-factor, the two Russian owners moved to America and bought a Museum and completely restored the space. Every wall in their home is covered by beautiful, bright and happy art work. The mural house is absolutely ‘amazing’.

In this episode there is also the ‘shapeshifter flat’ being built, the mature Spanish couple are taking their tiny city flat and revamping it into the most amazing space, walls are moved to allow privacy and also a fold out bed, there are drawers everywhere that each reveal something different, even a pull out drawer that is a stand up ironing board. It took the team almost a year to finish and there were some issues, but it was all fixed and the outcome is impeccable.

The show really engulfs viewers upon entering these exquisite homes, they are transformative and really take you to where the owners want you to be. Whether it be the mural house, where the owners want to take you on an expression ride to make you feel what they paint, it is incredible.


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“Jaw dropping – Amazing Interiors”

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