How to drop the ‘I like you’ hints

Telling someone how you feel about them can be tricky especially if you are really into them. Subtle hints are always a good start to see how they react back. How to drop the ‘I like you’ hints.

How to drop someone hints

Admitting you like someone is the first step into dropping hints. When you like someone it can be daunting especially when you haven’t told them yet, sometimes dropping subtle hints can help the process by seeing the way the react to the actions. Here are some simple tricks to make it rather obvious you like someone.

Touch your face and hair when talking to them, this is one of the most popular tricks we learn when we are younger and want to let someone know we like them. Touching your hair drops the subtle hint that you are flirting. How to drop the 'I like you' hints

Laughing at their jokes, of course, don’t laugh hilariously if the joke isn’t that funny. Make sure you let them know you find their jokes funny, you like their humour and try and match their humour and it will also make the chances of the other person liking you stronger. How to drop the 'I like you' hints

Subtle touching is also a big YES, if they are comfortable with it. Sitting next to them and touching each others knees can be a very lovely way to show you care. Touching their leg or arm if they say something funny is another action that makes them know you want to be ‘intimate’ in a way.

Eye contact is a big thing not only if you are looking to get into a relationship with someone but even in friendships and just common curtesy. Holding good eye contact can draw the other person in, don’t forget to blink (it’s not a staring competition). Look at them in their eyes, if you are having a very invested conversation then touching their arm and holding eye contact can let them know how much you care. How to drop the 'I like you' hints

It may sound slightly strange but saying someone’s name when you’re talking to them can actually make the other person more interested. People get a slight thrill when other people say their name, even more so when they are interested in the person saying their name.

Send something to them when you aren’t with them, a funny picture or a message and say ‘it made me think of you’ and it will let the person you like really know you care and are interested. Thinking about them outside of being with them will make them realise you aren’t just thought of when in their company.How to drop the 'I like you' hints

Make sure to remember what you both spoke about last time and next time you meet be sure to ask about what was said the last time. Listening is a key part into someone liking you back, it show interest and it also shows that you can communicate.

Don’t just text them or call them when you need something or want to meet up be sure to message to see how they are and see what they have been doing. Asking questions will show that you are genuinely intrigued about how their day or week went.

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