Healthy Breakfasts That Keep Your Energy High

Breakfasts can be easily forgotten but it is the most important meal of the day which is why you should try your best not to skip it! Healthy Breakfasts That Keep Your Energy High.

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Breakfast is so important because it kick-starts your metabolism for the day, meaning you will be able to burn calories throughout the day. Having breakfast also helps you concentrate throughout the day swell as maintain your energy levels.

Eating breakfast in the morning also helps you balance your meals during the day, breakfast will mean you will not overeat at dinner time or when you have snacks. Having an empty stomach in the morning will also mean you are more likely to snack on high-fat or high-sugar food.

Here are some of the easiest, healthy breakfast options that you can prep the night before or some of these can even be made at the start of the week and still okay to eat at the end of the week if stored well.

Eggs, of course, are known as a breakfast food, they are very beneficial and can give you energy for hours. Many breakfast meals often include eggs as they are delicious and can be had in many different ways, scrambled, poached, fried, steamed and more. Making fried eggs take no more than 2 minutes, and toast takes no longer than 2 minutes, it is an easy and delicious breakfast which is also incredibly good for you.

Again, another easy, healthy breakfast includes eggs! An omelet is a delicious an incredibly easy breakfast to make, all you have to do is whisk some eggs up with some extra ingredients like bacon, tomatoes, avocado, cheese, anything of your preference. You can also add sauces to your omelet to add extra flavouring, you can even pair it with a salad.

Then we have Eggs in Cloud, which is basically how it sounds. It is as simple as whisking the egg whites together, add in ingredients like bacon, chives, and cheese, this is to make the clouds, and that then gets baked for a few minutes (making sure there is a hole for the yolk to rest in). Once the clouds are baked, you then add the yolk and bake again, making the more airy, light, and fun breakfast!

If you love avocado, then this is for you! Cut an avocado in half and scoop out some of the avocado, enough to crack an egg into. Add ingredients on top of the eggs, like bacon, basil, tomatoes and then bake, these avocado egg cups are amazingly delicious!

You can also opt for the even healthier options of only using egg whites in your food as egg yolks are high in fat. This year you could be making these easily in the mornings, and even prepping some of the ingredients the night before. Try and be the best you this year!


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“Healthy Breakfasts That Keep Your Energy High”

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