GQ takes on the celebrities

GQ is a channel on YouTube that make funny, and upbeat videos. Celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion, 2Chainz, Kevin Hart and so many more have featured on the channel. GQ takes on the celebrities.

  • What is GQ?
  • What is the playlist, 10 things … can’t live without?
  • What are some celebrities essentials?

GQ is a world renowned magazine that was released to the public in 1957. The GQ magazine was marketed to men, to men’s clothing, retailers and wholesalers. The articles were written about men’s fashion and recommendations of what men should be wearing. The magazine has since evolved and publishes everything from fashion, to advice column, culture, wellness and sports.

Whilst evolving they took it upon themselves to create their own YouTube channel and it has been extremely popular with the viewers. GQ takes on the celebrities. The channel has many different playlists, 2Chainz has his own featuring series called ‘Most expensive sh*t’, there is also a playlist called 10 things (a celebrity) can’t live without. It has a playlist for celebrities sharing their makeup routines, their skin care routines and workout routines. It has a feature called ‘Tattoo Tours’ where celebrities get to sit and explain what their tattoos are and why they got them, there are many features.GQ takes on the celebrities

Each playlist features celebrities in a different situation, being asked different questions, it feels as though viewers are really getting to know the people that they admire. It is a way for the celebrities to inspire their fans in ways other than their music, movies or TV series.

10 Things … Can’t Live Without

The most recent celebrity to feature on the channel was Sam Smith, the British singer who took the world by storm with his phenomenal voice. He speaks of how he cannot live without his ‘Robyn’ album, ‘Honey’, he wouldn’t be where he is as an artist now without her music. He has glowing skin which makes sense that one of his essentials is his skin serum!

The Rock’s hilarious comedian best friend, Mr Kevin Hart also features on the GQ ’10 things Kevin Hart can’t live without’. He speaks of always having to have his Nike hat as he is always working out and prefers to exercise outside. As a businessman he always needs to have his phone on him, with a portable charger so it doesn’t run out of battery. Kevin Hart takes his skincare very seriously, and speaks of how men should never be ashamed of taking care of themselves. It gives viewers an idea of what they could possibly use to better their skin, keep their hair tamed and other tips and tricks.

The channel even features Daniel Ricciardo, a Formula 1 driver. The channel does not discriminate, the sportsmen also have a spot on the channel. Daniel Ricciardo’s personality really shines through in his videos, that he is a humorous, sporty, genuine person. He loves his party shirts! He says “you’ve got to be merry, there could be an occasion”, he is always ready for a party, always tries his best to look good. Ricciardo is very honest and opens up about writing in a journal and that being a man should not mean you need to hide your emotions and feelings.

The channel is full of fun and interesting videos featuring some of your favourite celebrities. It is essentially taking celebrities like movie stars or musicians and taking them out of their comfort zones to sit and speak to an audience about their favourite essentials, or their tattoos or their jewellery. You will be addicted after watching the first video that you find!


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“GQ takes on the celebrities”

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