Fashion trends for women over the years

Fashion has changed over the years but like hairstyles many fashion trends have came back into fashion. Here are fashion trends for women over the years. Fashion trends for women over the years.

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Fashion for women in 1960’s was very similar to the fashion for men in 1960’s, the fashion was very much inspired by the mod style, especially in 1965. Classic mod style was very clean-cut and smart. The mod era was much more than clothing, it was about distancing themselves from how their parents lived. The fashion was also very much based on the music they were listening to, The Beatles, The Kinks and The Who.

The main mod style was keeping the silhouette slim and flattering. Of course with the fashion came the hair styles, and whilst men rocked bowl cuts, women had layered bobs. Mary Quant was a very influential icon in the 60s, she wore her mini skirts and dresses with boots, coloured tights, short hair and heavy eye makeup. Very much based on the Twiggy influence.

In the 1970s they very much took the styles from the 1960’s but with a much more relaxed approach, the 1970s included the relaxation and casualness of the hippies but the chicness of the mod style. So the 70’s included brights colours from the mods and earth tones from the hippies and lots of paisley because FLOWER POWER! The 1970’s were very much the years where gender didn’t really have guidelines, women started wearing flared trousers, men were wearing patterns and it was all seen as fashion, it was the era that is very much spoken about even now in 2020.

The 1980’s can be summed up as permed, perky and bright. The 1980`s were filled with styles from ripped tights and biker jackets to oversized blazers and poof skirts. Shoulder pads were all the rage in the 80’s and have came back into fashion many times. The 80’s were a busy decade ranging from punk fashion, workout fashion to hip-hop fashion.

The 1990’s are very much missed by many people, the 90’s were a complete contrast to the 80’s, everything was downsized, including hair, outfits and shoulder pads. The 90’s were filled with mod style sunglasses, plaid outfits and patent leather and nylon clothes which was very much the futuristic look.

The grudge look also came into fashion, the 90’s were the years where the little black dress (LBD) was extremely popular as it was the easiest piece of clothing to look the most expensive and chic. The 70’s very much reappeared in the 90’s too when platformed shoes made their comeback. The Spice Girls were massive in the 90’s and wore platformed boots, colourful, crazy patterns on their clothes and wore clips in their hair! The 90’s is one major decade that always comes in and out of fashion as it is one of the most influential to many young people now.

The 2000’s were full of many different styles, the early 2000’s started off by women being very casual, jeans, a top and sometimes paired with a hat, cargo trousers were a massive clothing necessity in the 2000’s so most women had a pair. The 2000’s then evolved again and girls were wearing cropped jackets, dresses over jeans and chunky belts!

Then yet again the 2000’s evolved again and went on to bubble skirts, sweatshirt dresses and later 2000’s women reintroduced neon, acid wash jeans, gladiator sandals and lots of jewellery. Yet again the 2000’s evolved and went on to style leisure wear with a modern twist, wearing workout clothes out sometimes pairing the outfit with heels. It was also the era of emo and scene style, coloured hair, layered hair and dark clothes with jeans.

Fashion trends change constantly and the great thing is you can make your own style as there are no rules with fashion. The 2010’s are still changing each day but have had a reinvented fashion as we know it, having major style icons. Fashion allows people to express themselves however they feel appropriate.


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“Fashion trends for women over the years”

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