Faddy diets have been all the rage this year – hopefully not next year

It’s almost 2021 and this year has been a little different than most, let’s get rid of the faddy diets of 2020. Faddy diets have been all the rage this year – hopefully not next year.

What were the top ‘faddy’ diets of 2020?

Something that is usually confusing is that people will mistake ‘faddy’ diets for healthy eating and dieting. Faddy diets are not sustainable especially if you need energy, these faddy diets will make you feel great for a few days. After those days the diet will send you fatigued, depressed and disappointed in yourself usually as the weight will go straight back on.

The worst thing about these ‘faddy’ diets is that they will tell you exactly what you can and can’t eat. Pizza, burgers or any ‘junk food’ or even potatoes are quite often the foods these ‘faddy’ diets say to stay away from. Having a balanced diet is more important that losing loads of weight for a week and then not be able to maintain the weight loss.

In realistic food fanatic words ‘allow yourself a cheat day’, if you are so good and you try your best to avoid junk food then on the weekend allow yourself to eat the ‘unhealthy’ foods. The more you prohibit yourself from eating these foods, the more you will struggle when you finish the diet, and you will be caught at 5am, in your dressing gown hiding in the fridge eating pizza.

Starting off the ‘fad’ diets is the “Paleo Diet”, it is basically going back in time to your caveman roots and eating how they would, ‘hunter-gatherer style’. The paleo diet is when you focus on eating meats, vegetables and nuts. You also have to try to avoid grains, legumes and dairy. The most beneficial part of the diet is that the food they are eating is all whole foods rather than processed foods. However, if you are solely running on a caveman diet the chances are you won’t have a lot of energy and you will feel quite heavy.

Paleo is a good base diet, you get the nutrients of the meats and vegetables, however, if you need energy from carb intake and fibre for the stomach then the paleo diet is okay. It is not sustainable to live the ‘paleo lifestyle’, maybe if you decide you want to lose weight quickly and efficiently for an event then it is okay to do for a couple of weeks but not long term.

The next ‘faddy’ diet of 2020 was the ‘keto diet’ which has been extremely popular this year. The ‘keto diet’ is usually when you consume around 60-80% of fat, 20-25% in protein and 5-10% of carbs. Ketosis is what you are trying to induce from eating such a high intake of fat, it’s when the body has gone through all carb sources and instead starts burning fat. The body produces ketones and uses them as energy sources for your whole body.

There are pros to the diet which are the high percentage of protein and it based around whole foods instead of processed food. The cons are the high percentage of fat intake and not enough carbs. The lack of carbs makes you cut on fruits and vegetables which are ‘natural-occurring carbs’, with this keto diet you are basically depriving your body of all of the nutrients it needs to be able to function properly.

Another diet is living a ‘gluten-free’ life, if you are allergic or intolerant to gluten or suffer with celiac’s disease then of course you live a gluten free life. If, however, if choose to try a ‘fluent-free’ diet there are still things you can eat so you still get the whole grains needed for a healthy diet like, brown rice, quinoa and amaranth. Cutting gluten out can actually be unhealthy, it will cut out the huge source of fibres, vitamin B, iron, copper and magnesium and so many more and they all fight against tiredness. If you do not medically have to cut out gluten, then do not!

These ‘faddy’ diets of 2020 are not the answer to any ‘health’ tips and tricks, they are in fact very bad for you. They are not sustainable at all, if you choose to do these ‘fad’ diets then you can do them in small bouts, so for a couple of weeks but they are not ‘lifestyle’ choices that you should make.


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“Faddy diets have been all the rage this year – hopefully not next year”

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