Exercises that help release anxiety

Anxiety is very common, especially in this generation as people tend to have many stresses, in their jobs, financial status, and possibly relationship issues. Exercises that help release anxiety.

  • What is anxiety?
  • How to calm yourself when feeling anxious

Anxiety is a feeling and can be very hard to live with, it is a feeling of unease, and many people suffer from it. You may not be an anxious person but there will be a few in times in your life when you have experienced anxiety, possibly at a job interview, asking your date out, or even entering an exam. There are endless things that people get anxious over, it doesn’t have to be the same as the next person.

Once person could have crippling social anxiety and not ever want to leave the house whilst another person who suffers could be extremely anxious about being alone. Everyone is different and everyone has a different story to tell, anxiety is not the nicest feeling as it can stop you from doing many things in life. However, if anxiety is managed right and you can learn to control it and calm yourself down when needed then slowly your anxieties could leave you. Exercises that help release anxiety

Anxiety attacks are becoming more common nowadays, which can be upsetting as it is not the nicest thing to live with but it is brought on by stress. Anxiety attacks are brought on by possibly a full day of feeling anxious, almost like a ‘volcano, starts bubbling then erupts’ or it could be something that has triggered you straight away. Everyone has different triggers, for some it is going outside, others it’s a spider and some could even be seeing certain people.

Usually you’ll notice when you first begin to get anxious you can often feel your heart beating faster as well as your breathing. It can also turn to you beginning to sweat, feeling dizzy and lightheaded and sometimes even nauseous. The first step to getting your anxiety  under control is being able to slow your breathing down, and relax yourself.

This sounds hard and it can be, it can take years of practice, but you will get there! The key is knowing how to relax your body and mind at the same time, so you can calm the shaking of your body and the fast breathing. Exercises that help release anxiety.

Exercises that help release anxietyThese are the steps you have to do to control your breathing :

  • Get comfortable, sit on a bed, a sofa, a rug, anything. Put one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach, wherever your hands feel most comfortable.
  • Count to 10 in your head and breath in and out with the numbers and anytime you start to think of something else during the counting, start again from number 1. In through your nose, out through your mouth.
  • Your hands should still be in the same places, chest and stomach. You will slowly start to feel the anxiety lessen in your body. You will feel less tense, you will be breathing better and you will be in a better frame of mind.

Another helpful exercise to try when you are feeling anxious is visualising, many people that have had traumatic experiences say they go to their ‘happy places’ whether you have had traumatic experiences or not, you will usually always have a happy place, it could be the beach, it could in a park in your hometown, it could be anywhere. When feeling anxious, you should try and visualise your happy place, try to really feel like you are there, calm, collected and less anxious.Exercises that help release anxiety

The key to visualisation is thinking of every small detail, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a place you go to in your mind. It could be a blanket you have had for years that has intricate designs and whenever you feel anxious you sit and trace every details, every line, every dot to make yourself feel better. It works better than you think!

Relaxing your muscles sounds silly but it is also an important step in avoiding an anxiety attack. Usually when you get anxious you will feel very tense, it also depends where you hold all your stress, could be your neck, your back, your feet, anywhere. Anxiety shows in different ways, so when you are feeling tense find yourself a quiet comfortable area, like the breathing exercise. Exercises that help release anxiety

  • Start off with the counting to 10 breathing exercise, in through your nose, out through your mouth. Close your eyes are have your full concentration on your breathing
  • Make a tight fist with your hand, and keep squeezing tightly. Do this for a few seconds at a time, usually between 5-10 seconds.
  • Slowly open your fingers and let yourself feel your fingers opening, once you have done this a few times, tightening fist then releasing you will feel some tension drift away from your body.
  • You can do this with many muscle groups, not just your hands. You can work your way down, tense your shoulders and release very slowly, be sure to take care, do not tense muscles that are painful or injured. Tensing and releasing will make the anxiety feel as if it is melting off your body if you do this regularly, but again, it takes practice. You have to count to clear your mind!Exercises that help release anxiety

Anxiety can be difficult, especially if you do not know how to deal with it, but there are always ways to make things better. It could get to a point where you have an anxiety attack in a mall, take yourself to a bench, sit down and try these exercises, it doesn’t matter who is looking at you, you are the most important thing to yourself. Your health comes before anything. Avoid things that do bring on your stress and if they are impossible to avoid then you have to learn to be able to control your anxiety and in time that will translate to self-power, self-confidence. There is always a way.


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“Exercises that help release anxiety”

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