Crazy Delicious will make your mouth water

The whimsical cooking program ´Crazy Delicious´ hosted by the hilarious Jayde Adams and the competititors are judged by three world famous chefs, Heston Blumenthal, Carla Hall and Niklas Ekstedt. Crazy Delicious will make your mouth water, it’s a fact!

  • Who is on the program?
  • What kind of food do they make?
  • What is the prize?

Who is Heston Bluementhal?

Heston Bluementhal is one of the most famous chefs in the United Kingdom. The 54-year-old is the owner of the restaurant ´The Fat Duck´ which was named the world’s best in 2005 as well as having three Michelin stars. Heston is known for his outrageous and experimental flavours.

Crazy Delicious will make your mouth water

He is the modern and real life Willy Wonka. The British chef is extremely successful as papers and reviewers always had something new to write about. He is now a judge on ´Crazy Delicious´ and is looking for the tastiest craziest dishes created and dished up by the competitors.

Who is Carla Hall?

Crazy Delicious will make your mouth waterCarla Hill is originally from Nashville and is very much in touch with her roots. Most US viewers would already be familiar with the chef as she was the runner-up of Top Chef: New York in 2008, and was also part of the 2010 All-Stars edition. Then, in 2011 she began co-hosting ABC´s ‘The Chew’, which is a talk show based on different cuisines.

Who is Niklas Ekstedt?

Crazy Delicious will make your mouth waterNiklas Ekstedt is a Swedish chef, who has many renowned restaurants in Sweden. His most known restaurants are Niklas in Helsingborg, Niklas i Viken in Viken, and Restaurant 1900 and Ekstedt, both in Stockholm. He is very famous in Sweden and is even a TV chef, he presented Mats, this means food in Swedish. He has an exquisite taste in food, he loves trying new flavours, new foods that will excite him.

Who is the host, Jayde Adams?

Jayde Adams is a British stand-up comedian and has been on many comedy shows. She has featured on 8 Out of 10 Cat, Red Nose Day and Say Whaaat? She is not only known in the UK but also the USA as she also featured on NBC´s ´Before the Morning After´ and Amazon Prime Video´s ´Good Omens´.Crazy Delicious will make your mouth water

Jayde Adams’ began her career by impersonating Adele in the UK drag scene. Most viewers of ´Crazy Delicious´ are mesmerised and humoured by Jayde, with her eccentric fashion sense and her hilarious personality. She is the perfect host for such a whimsical program.

What kind of food do they make?

´Crazy Delicious´ has one wonderful season on Netflix, hosted by Jayde Adams and the fabulous food gods. In each episode there are three contestants, who compete against each other in attempts to win the Golden Apple. In each episode, there are three rounds, the chefs first must prepare a dish with the main ingredient that the food gods have chosen.


In the first episode the competitors are asked to cook with strawberries, putting their own spin on the way that the fruit can be made. Some chefs will go for the sweet option, and put their strawberries into a cake to bring out the strawberry flavouring or some chefs may go with using strawberries in savoury dishes, like strawberry cheesecake chicken wings.

The second round is for the chefs to take their creativity and turn a home comfort into a new and delicious dish. Turning a hot dog into profiteroles or some flamboyant new take on a hot dog like such. In the second round a competitor will be eliminated leaving just 2 out of 3 aspiring creative chefs in the final.

The third round is taking a normal ‘feast’ and reinventing it completely, in the first episode and the third round the food gods ask the remaining two competitors to reinvent the ‘birthday party feast’, and both chefs have to spin it completely, it can be savoury or sweet. Whoever has the most inventive, tastiest and most eccentric meal will win the competition. They will hold in their hands the ‘Golden Apple’.

What is the prize?

The prize is the ‘Golden Apple’ trophy. Winning a trophy for some shows wouldn’t be enough, food shows like Top Chef and American MasterChef give big monetary prizes up to $250,000. However, this binge-worthy Willy Wonka/ Alice in Wonderland program gives the competitors so much gratification knowing they can cook such wonderful dishes in only four hours, and of course getting the praise of the food gods.

The show as a whole is very fun, playful but also leaves you sitting on the edge of the sofa not knowing if the cops are going to finish their dishes. The eight episode are just not enough for those of us who managed to watch the whole season in a few nights.

Crazy Delicious will make your mouth water

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“Crazy Delicious will make your mouth water”

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