Conservatives criticise Margaret Thatcher’s portrayal in Netflix The Crown

Conservatives criticise Margaret Thatcher’s portrayal in Netflix The Crown whilst actress, Gillian Anderson, is tipped for an Emmy.

  • High-profile conservatives unhappy with The Crown’s portrayal of Margaret Thatcher

  • Show accused of attempting to rewrite history

  • Gillian Anderson praised for her performance in the role

A number of high-profile conservatives have come out in severe criticism of Gillian Anderson and Netflix portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in Season 4 of the programme.

Season 4 of the production covers the period of Thatcher’s premiership, covering a range of political difficult events including the Troubles and the Falklands War.

Timothy Montgomerie, prominent political activist, blogger, and columnist took to Twitter to brand the portrayal as both “Hateful” and “Absurd”.

Andrew Bridgen, a Tory MP from Leicestershire, said in the Mail on Sunday, “They are painting a picture of Mrs. Thatcher and that period for a generation who don’t remember what it was like to live through the horrors perpetrated by these terrorists,”

He added, “People lived in fear, especially in cities like Birmingham, where people were frightened to go out after so many people were murdered by the brutal IRA in the pub bombings.”

Conservatives criticise Margaret Thatcher's portrayal in Netflix The CrownFurther criticism came of the Iron Lady’s portrayal in the show as being an attempt to rewrite history. These individuals took particular exception with the suggestion that the absence of Thatcher’s son, Mark Thatcher, who went missing during the 1982 Paris-Dakar rally, somehow influenced her political decision to go to war in the Falklands.

One viewer took to Twitter to express their view saying, “Really don’t like that The Crown is suggesting Thatcher was emotional about her son when she took charge of the the attack on the Falklands”

Another on the platform said, “The Crown really went “thatcher’s son is lost so she waged war in the Falklands”

However, not all of the feedback was of a negative lean, with Camilla Long of the Sunday Times stating that she was thoroughly energised by the appearance of Thatcher on the show, saying, “I don’t think there’s a single thing she’s said I haven’t agreed with,”

Conservatives criticise Margaret Thatcher's portrayal in Netflix The CrownDespite the criticism of the shows direction in their portrayal of Margaret Thatcher, actor Gillian Anderson has received mostly glowing praise for her ability in bringing the divisive character to life on screen and she has even been tipped to be in the running for an Emmy for the role.

Anderson has admitted that it took the tuition of two vocal coaches to aid her in getting Thatcher’s vocal presence correct and that she took to rehearsing in dark, abandoned rooms to get the isolated feeling of the former Prime Minister correct.

She also noted, ‘Never in my life would I wear the shoes she wore. But walking in the way I learned to walk as her, and in those shoes, just helped so much.’

Season 4 of The Crown is available to view on Netflix now.


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