Can we speak about periods?

Periods are a controversial topic and there are so many people that would like to speak about their issues but feel embarrassed and silenced. So, can we speak about periods?

  • What is a period?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • Why are people embarrassed about periods?

Some ladies will experience all of these symptoms, just some of them or some ladies may not experience any of the PMS symptoms. Often the symptoms aren’t the worst part of ladies getting their periods it can be the awful timing of when it decides to come, it can be the imbalance of hormones making ladies feeling down and just not themselves. Also, the pressure of having a period can actually cause more stress, and stress can bring on the PMS pains.

Unfortunately there is such a thing as period shaming, periods can be difficult in school especially if girls start their periods very young. Speaking about periods from a young age can help young girls feel prepared and not fear or hate their periods as much. Girls/ladies may not love their periods, most ladies don’t, however, there is no reason to feel ashamed.

If all young girls are informed from a young age, and carry sanitary products they will not feel as confused about what is happening. Periods are natural and this is what people forget. Accidents happen, more so in young girls when they are experimenting on what sanitary products suit them best or when their periods are not yet regular.Can we speak about periods?

Accidents should not be shamed either, as everyone can have problems, the best advice given to young girls is to carry a little pack of back ups, to have a pair of leggings or trousers in your bag, to carry sanitary products, wipes, pain killers and also some clean underwear, incase there is an accident.Can we speak about periods?

As mentioned above, it is ok for girls/ladies to hate their periods, and here are some reasons (symptoms) why they may hate them:

Menstrual cramps can cause girls/ladies so much pain that they will be bed ridden for the full menstruation time. Not everyone experiences the same PMS symptoms, not everyone experiences cramps but those who do get menstrual cramps will know how horrible it can be. These cramps can last for the full bleeding process, and are energy-draining and crippling and don’t ease up that much even after pain killers.Can we speak about periods?

If girls/ladies menstrual cramps are that bad they will miss out on many events, sometimes school, sometimes friends nights and more. A good idea for girls/ladies is to invest in a heating pad, or a hot water bottle to lay on your stomach or back, wherever the pain is. Nowadays you can even get stick-on heating pads for those days that you need to leave the house to go to work or school but need the heat to ease the pain.

Periods are expensive! Menstruation is a very expensive cost each month for ladies, they have to buy boxes of tampons and pads and adding on ibuprofen and paracetamol and of course birth control on top of that if the girl/lady takes birth control. This may not seem like much money each month, however, it adds up throughout girls/ladies lives. It has been reported that the average woman spends around £20,000 in their lives on sanitary products and pain relief. However, the Scottish government is the first government to make all sanitary products free. “Scotland is the First Nation in the world to take measures to eradicate period poverty”Can we speak about periods?

Period mood swings are a real thing, you are not crazy! Girls/ladies are very much shamed about the emotions they feel when they are due or on their periods. It is okay to feel sad, and angry when you are in pain and bleeding. Sometimes the feelings are uncontrollable and women shouldn’t be shamed for feeling a little down when they did not ask to have a period.Can we speak about periods?

It can mess up your sex life, but it doesn’t have to. Ladies tend to get rather frisky during their “time of the month” and again they get shamed for feeling this way during their menstruation time. Sometimes engaging in intercourse on your period can actually slow down the menstrual flow, and make the period lighter and sometimes even take away the pain. Of course, it has to be agreed by both partners as it can be messy and is something both partners need to be comfortable with. Can we speak about periods?

There are so many annoyances that come with having a period, but women have to get on with this and learn how to cope in the best way they can. However, just because get on with their periods it doesn’t mean they are not in excruciating pain and want to roll up and go to their bed but unfortunately it is not acceptable for women to be able to express their pain from their period.

In 2020 the world already has a very open mind but women still face the period shaming that they have always had. Periods are normal, and Scotland have taken the major leap to make the sanitary products free for the women of their nation, they are taking steps into the future.

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“Can we speak about periods?”

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