Beautiful Hidden Villages You Need To Visit

There are some incredible places around the world, but sometimes the most beautiful places are the hidden, and unvisited areas. Beautiful hidden villages you need to visit.

Top hidden places to visit

Cudillero in Spain is one of the country’s most magnificent fishing villages. The little village is built around a small harbour and has the most spectacular views from the hilltops. It also boasts the oldest building in the town, the 13th centre Humilladero Chapel. The pastel-coloured houses are a beautiful sight to brighten up a gloomy day, if you visited this village you would do nothing but smile.

Japan is a beautiful country but have you heard of Shirakawa? The small town gets around 35 feet of snow a year and not many people know about the Shogawa river valley. The town is filled with ‘gassho-zukuri buildings’ they are traditional steps, thatched-roof huts and they can take the weight of the snow. The town is very much still in touch with it’s historical past and doesn’t see a lot of visitors, so the town itself is stunning.


William Morris was an English artist and writer and he said that Bibury was “the most beautiful village in England”. The hilly village is in the centre of Cotswolds and it hasn’t changed much over the last few decades or even centuries. The 17th century houses boast the pitched roofs and are still in amazing condition. The cottages that line Arlington Row are on the UK passports and even in some British movies like Bridget Jones’s Diary. The whole town is so picturesque, there is the River Coln that has a beautiful view for pictures and just to look out on to the incredible green fields.

There are so many more hidden gems in the world, but these were rated the top to go and visit. There may not be much to do in these town apart from hiking and viewing such amazing scenery but sometimes that is all you need. The scenery is a holiday in itself, if you want to get away and just be one with nature, these hidden gems are the ideal place for you to enjoy every second of being away from the bustling cities.


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“Beautiful Hidden Villages You Need To Visit”

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