Australia’s amazing Instant Hotels

If you enjoy a series filled with drama, high critiquing and property then Instant Hotel is your show. These unique places to stay are judged from fellow Instant Hoteliers and judge, Juliet Ashworth. Australia’s amazing Instant Hotels

  • What is an Instant Hotel?
  • Who are the judges?
  • What can they win?

Australia has some amazing places to stay but have you ever heard of an Instant Hotel? Instant Hotels are basically a mix between “Airbnb’s” and hotels. People rent out their homes to visitors and try you give them the best experience possible, by making sure everything is spotless, the whole house has character and is fun and also by adding the special touch of welcome packs.

Instant Hotels is an original Netflix series, five couples have to compete by showing off their Instant Hotel and letting the other fellow Instant Hoteliers to judge their stay. The judging is rating on the four criteria (4P’s), design, location, quality of their nights sleep and value for money.

The design, the finishings, the feel, are all things to take into account when judging the product as a whole. One of the 4P’s also includes the price, the fellow instant hoteliers will be judging the house on the value of money, is it too expensive for the area? Is the house an amazing value for money?

The area of the Instant Hotel is also judged as visitors want to have things to do around them and of course, to enjoy the attractions the area may have. Lastly, the owners of the Instant Hotel are judged on whether or not their visitors had a good nights sleep, whether or not the beds were comfortable, if the rooms were private enough and sound proof.

The host of both two seasons is Luke Jacobz (left) along side Juliet Ashworth (right) who serves as the celebrity judge, the hotel designer and former Vogue Australia editor has an exquisite eye and isn’t afraid to share her opinion, it is a competition! She judges several beautiful homes, some very bland and some that just don’t make sense.Australia's amazing Instant Hotels

The series isn’t just based on the hotels themselves, there is also episode with some major drama in them, many Instant Hoteliers are ‘in it to win it’ and give very harsh critiques and can very vocal. You really get to see the ‘claws’ come out as people don’t like being critiqued on something they have worked so hard on, however, that is the aim of the game.

All of the Instant Hoteliers are fighting for the number one place, the winning team get the title of Australia’s best Instant Hotel and get an all-expenses paid holiday to California to stay in one of the most exclusive Instant Hotels. The other four couple who did not win will receive a lot of publicity from the program and begin booking, so they may not win the title but they will get advertising.


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“Australia’s amazing Instant Hotels”

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