Angela Merkel makes impassioned plea for tighter restrictions over Christmas

  • Merkel makes impassioned pleas to German lawmakers

  • She urges for tighter restrictions over the festive period

  • Public take to Twitter to show their support of her leadership

  • Merkel fights further difficulties as the current EU President

Angela Merkel makes impassioned plea during pre-Christmas speech with the German parliament to maintain and increase coronavirus restrictions over the festive period to protect families and loved ones.

The German Chancellor has pleaded with German citizens to curb their Christmas celebrations. The current level of soft lockdowns has failed to impact the current coronavirus spread within the country therefore Angela Merkel, in an unusually emotional presentation, has insisted that the public continue to resist the temptation to excessively mix over Christmas.

At a time when countries like the UK, France and Spain are attempting to open up more over the festive period, the German Chancellor has called for tougher measures including the closure of non-essential businesses, sending children home for the holidays early and reducing social contact further between the population.

Speaking to the lower house of the German parliament, Merkel said, “We need to make one more effort,”

She continued, “We’ve already spent so many months with this virus, and we’ve learned that we can do something against it.”


The chancellor said in a cracked voice, “What will people say looking back at a once-in-a-century event if we can’t find a solution [for the coming weeks]”

“If we have too many contacts before Christmas, and it turns out to be the last Christmas with the grandparents, we will have missed an opportunity.”

Although a vaccine has now been approved, the roll out will not commence in Germany until the first quarter of 2021 and while the German vaccine program is as ambition as any countries, Merkel has expressed that enough vaccinations won’t be able to be carried out during the winter months to sufficiently impact the current course of the virus.

Currently, the incident rates in Germany stand at 149 infections per 100,000 people, which is almost three times the government target of 50.

Despite Germany having recorded a number of Covid-19 fatalities in the past 24-hours, Merkel’s speech failed to have the necessary effect on government ministers and her proposal for tougher restrictions over the festive period will not be adopted by Germany’s 16 states.

Merkel insisted that it was necessary for Germany to take tougher measures to fight the pandemic to set the stage ready for an economic recovery in 2022 once the population was fully vaccinated against the disease.

Despite her inability to get parliament fully on board, her sentiments were wholly supported by a large round of applause as she stated, “I am really, really sorry from the bottom of my heart but if the price we pay is 590 deaths a day then that is unacceptable in my opinion.”

Despite her impassioned plea, there are still those on the global political spectrum, as well as those in the German parliament, that disagree with her.

US President, Donald Trump, took to Twitter in his usual non-statesman like approach to voice his opposition. He said, “Germany has consistently been used by my obnoxious critics as the country that we should follow on the way to handle the China Virus. So much for that argument.”

However, he did have the decency to show his admiration for Germany as a whole, adding, “I love Germany – Vaccines on the way!!!”


However, a distinct volume of the global twitter public took to social media to show their support and admiration for Merkel’s leadership.

One user took to Twitter to post a video of Merkel’s speech, stating simply, “This is how you do it,”


Another made her support clear by saying, “Imagine having a leader that speaks from the heart and cares about the welfare of every citizen.”


Another took a decidedly more feminist specific viewpoint stating, “Thank you #AngelaMerkel, for showing so humbly and so simply how Germany have evolved on so many levels while many of us still here, waiting for the XXI Century to come. Not outside, but inside. In our minds and in our hearts. #FemaleLeader”


Whilst her online support is wide and passionate, Merkel not only has the difficulties of the coronavirus pandemic in Germany to worry about.

It is currently Germany’s turn at holding the Presidency of the European Union. A such, Merkel fighting numerous contentious battles including the prospect of a no-deal Brexit and the very possible vetoing of the bloc’s 2.2trillion spending plan by Poland and Hungary.

Merkel will now travel to Brussel to address these issues however she has made it very clear that the EU should not bow to pressures from the UK, Poland or Hungary to maintain the integrity of the EU.

She has clearly stated, “Europe’s values are non-negotiable.”


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“Angela Merkel makes impassioned plea for tighter restrictions over Christmas”

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