A guide to reconnecting with your creativity

Creativity can very easily slip away if you do not keep connected to yourself, this happens to the best of us. A guide to reconnecting with your creativity.

  • Why do we lose our creativity?
  • Tips to get us feeling more creative

Creativity can disappear and reappear so often, one day you will feel the most creative and productive you have ever felt and the next day you may feel down and unmotivated. This is normal and your mental health comes before everything. Most of the time the reason for not feeling creative is because you have stresses in your life that you may or may not be facing. Life can be so hard and make it difficult for us to pursue our passions, however, if you have a down day you cannot keep it from ruining your dreams. This is where the tips will help guide you into finding your creativity again.

Ask yourself what made you want to start being creative in the first place. What did you used to do that you loved so much, it made you want to carry on doing it throughout your life? Did you used to draw and feel a sense of escape, did you used to write stories to feel better and some sort of release?

This is a guide to reconnecting with your creativity, so, anything you may have done as a child you should try to start with again. You may do something completely different as an adult, you may be a painter, however, if you have lost your creative motivation, then go back to what you used to like to do as a child. Bring back out the colouring books, sit and colour in for hours and you will feel yourself fill up with the love you once had for being so creative.

Start from the very beginning, don’t just do it once, make it a routine, anytime you feel as though you are slipping back into an unmotivated stage then start colouring your books. This may sound a little silly, but letting go of ‘needing’ to be creative and ‘wanting’ to be creative is a big step.

Another helpful tip of getting the creative juices flowing is to set the scene, put on your favourite kind of music, put the kettle on, light some candles, get in your zone. The zone you feel the most relaxed and comfortable in, but also awake and aware, don’t make yourself sleepy! Surround yourself with an uplifting setting, somewhere you are happy to work and feel at ease.

Remove the distractions, switch off your phone, put away the tv remote, sit at a place where you feel comfortable and try to rid yourself of the distractions. Social media and games on consoles can make you brain feel numb and unmotivated, social media can be a very toxic place when you are trying to find yourself again.

Also, try not to worry about the outcome on whatever you are working on, try using these steps to guide you through your way to finding your creative side again. If you do something, whether it be writing, reading, painting, drawing, making music, whatever it may be allow yourself to make mistakes. Mistakes are always going to happen, it does not mean you have failed. It means you needs to get back up, shake it off and work on it again, maybe start the steps again and refresh your mind. A guide to reconnecting with your creativity

Always remind yourself that you are your best self, you are you and that is more than enough. So many people beat themselves up when they feel unmotivated and down, well, don’t! Keeping your mental health at bay can be so tricky and so can balancing a job or a hobby so do not try and tackle everything by yourself. If you are feeling unmotivated then try to speak to someone about what you are going through and you will find yourself feeling much better. Once you have taken time for yourself, to heal, to reconnect with yourself then your creativity will come back too. Don’t be afraid to say to yourself, “I think you need a break, I think I need to work through this to be able to better myself”, you will know how you feel, don’t ignore it. A guide to reconnecting with your creativity

Creativity comes from within, it comes from the environment around us, it comes from every factor surrounding us, you will always find yourself again. It may be you feel unmotivated for a day, it could be you feel unmotivated for a few weeks, it is completely dependent on yourself. One thing to remember, you can always get that side back, you will feel better just by changing the outside factors, getting rid of distractions, making it an uplifting environment to work in and making yourself comfortable too.


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“A guide to reconnecting with your creativity”

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