72 most deadly animals – Latin America

72 most deadly animals is a series that is full of Latin America’s scariest yet common animals that could either turn your insides to spider soup or give you a wasp sting where the pain will last for hours. 72 most deadly animals – Latin America.

  • How many episodes does the series have?
  • What is the series about?
  • What are some of the deadliest animals?

72 most deadly animals has just one season with twelve episodes, and each episode has 6-8 different animals that they then compare to show off the deadliest out of the list. The series is about finding the deadliest animal in Latin America, each winner from each episode then ‘competes’ in the last episode to see which one creature really is the deadliest. The series can be very daunting if you are not a big fan of some scary creatures but it is also extremely interesting and in some animals are jaw-dropping.

Each of the twelve episodes includes different creatures, from big cats, to fish, to flesh melting creatures and arachnids that can grow back broken limbs. Here’s a list of each episode and the animals ranking.

Jungle Jeopardy:

  • Jaguar (2nd place)
  • Vampire fish (5th place)
  • Capuchin monkey (4th place)
  • Fer-de-lance snake (1st place)
  • Giant Amazonian ant (6th place)
  • Orinoco crocodile (3rd place)

Deathly Bite:

  • Orca (4th place)
  • Nine-banded armadillo (7th place)
  • Rattlesnake (2nd place)
  • Black widow (5th place)
  • Mosquito (1st place)
  • Iguana (6th place)
  • Black caiman (3rd place)

The Freaks:

  • Humboldt squid (2nd place)
  • Two toed sloth (6th place)
  • Warrior wasp (4th place)
  • Catfish (5th place)
  • Brazilian wandering spider (1st place)
  • Beaded lizard (7th place)
  • Golden lancehead viper (3rd place)

Killer or Saviors:

  • Tarantula (6th place)
  • Cayenne tick (2nd place)
  • Waxy monkey tree frog (4th place)
  • Jararaca pit viper (1st place)
  • Arizona bark scorpion (3rd place)
  • Gila monster (5th place)

Pack Hunters:

  • Whitetip shark (4th place)
  • Fire ant (5th place)
  • Feral dog (2nd place)
  • Piranha (6th place)
  • Sand fly (3rd place)
  • Killer bee (1st place)

One Hit Wonders:

  • Boa constrictor (6th place)
  • Scorpionfish (4th place)
  • Bullet ant (3rd place)
  • Poison dart frog (1st place)
  • Stingray (5th place)
  • Assassin caterpillar (2nd place)
  • Tegu (7th place)

Stop! Danger Ahead:

  • Leopard seal (5th place)
  • Army ant (6th place)
  • Puma (4th place)
  • Recluse spider (3rd place)
  • Howler monkey (7th place)
  • Chigoe flea (2nd place)
  • American crocodile (1st place)

Best Left Alone:

  • Electric eel (2nd place)
  • Capybara (6th place)
  • Assassin bug (1st place)
  • Palm pit viper (4th place)
  • Llama (5th place)
  • Giant anteater (3rd place)

Are They For Real?:

  • Elephant seal (4th place)
  • Tarantula hawk wasp (5th place)
  • Coral snake (3rd place)
  • Botfly (2nd place)
  • Amazonian giant centipede (6th place)
  • Vampire bat (1st place)
  • Solenodon (7th place)

Stealth Hunters:

  • Bushmaster snake (3rd place)
  • Six eyed sand spider (6th place)
  • Brazilian yellow scorpion (4th place)
  • Freshwater snail (2nd place)
  • Toadfish (5th place)
  • Bull shark (1st place)

Killer: Myth or Reality:

  • Harpy eagle (4th place)
  • Sea lion (3rd place)
  • Goliath bird eating spider (6th place)
  • Anaconda (1st place)
  • Maned wolf (7th place)
  • Candiru (5th place)
  • Giant otter (2nd place)

The Final Countdown:

Brazilian wandering spider (11th place)
Anaconda (10th place)
Bull shark (9th place)
Killer bee (8th place)
Jararaca pit viper (7th place)
American crocodile (6th place)
Vampire bat (5th place)
Assassin bug (4th place)
Poison dart frog (3rd place)
Mosquito (2nd place)
Fer-de-lance snake (1st place)

The show is filled with some creatures you wouldn’t even believe are real unless you saw them in person (not that you would want to see them in person).


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