6G race speeds up as 5G rollout still lags in numerous countries

6G race speeds up as China launches their first “6G satellite” into space.

  • 6G research race is in full swing
  • China launches the world’s first 6G satellite
  • 5G leader, University of Surrey, gets into the game
  • 6G commercial rollout expected in 2030

5G may not even have been fully rolled out across the globe yet but already researchers and technical gurus from all across the planet are already frantically working on 6G technology. This future generation tech would see a surgeon from the opposite side of the planet able to conduct extremely delicate and intricate surgical procedures using robotic limbs in real-time on real patients.

6G Technology

6G could see robots performing surgery

Currently, 6G is mostly non-functional technology and much of it being theoretical, however, the same was the case with every generational technological leap in human history. Let’s face it, someone has to have an idea before they can make the product.

In November 2019, China already made news headlines claiming that it had started its 6G development with companies like China’s Huawei Technologies , the world’s largest telecoms equipment vendor, getting stuck into the development process straight away.

Since then, ever increasing numbers of household named companies have started researching 6G tech including Samsung, LG and Nokia.

6G satellite launched into orbit

6G satellite launched into orbit

However, China is still clearly leading the 6G race having just launched its first 6G satellite into orbit for testing while countries like the UK and US are still in the stages of rolling out their 5G networks fully.

The satellite, which is named Star Era-12, was launched into orbit along with 12 other satellites from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in the Shanxi Province. Although, the satellite has been heralded as “the world’s first 6G satellite”, there are no guarantee that this model or any of its tech will make it into the final 6G networks of the future.

Although it will be imposible to tell how fast 6G will be when it is finally ready to go live to the public, current estimates say that they expect 6G download speeds to reach an almost incomprehensible 1TB per second. This could see a 6G mobile device able to download a high-definition movie in an incredible 8 seconds and 1,500 high-res photos in less than a minute.

In the UK, the University of Surrey has kicked off its own 6G research process. In 2013, their 5G innovation Centre (5GIC) was established at the university’s Guildford campus and was an original driving force behind 5G. However, now that 5G is a commercial reality, the centre has turned its attention to 6G.

Professor Max Lu

Professor Max Lu

Professor Max Lu, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Surrey, said, “Since its inception in 2013, the 5G Innovation Centre has epitomised the University of Surrey’s ethos to collaborate with industry on societal and industry challenges, to enable innovations that change lives,”

“Today, we affirm our mission on this journey to the digital future with ‘6GIC’, our vision and research strategy for the next ten years. Now is the time for the University, industry and the UK to begin the journey together towards 6G in collaboration with our international partners.”

6G Innovation Centre

6G Innovation Centre

Although 6G is not expected to see a commercial rollout until at least 2030, the renamed 6G innovation Centre (6GIC), has identified a number of pitfalls and obstacles towards greater coverage and speed from a 6G network.

“What our industry members are telling us is that the traditional approach of ever-higher data rates in ever-higher spectrum band is running out of road as a mobile service,” said Professor Rahim Tafazolli, Director of the 6GIC.

“An entirely new approach is needed that mobilises exciting new services that address the great global challenges.”

However, if all this talk of increased robotic presence and even faster technology makes your brain spin, fear not, you will still have AT LEAST a decade to wait before we see 6G start to make an appearance in our daily lives.

Also, if the idea of 6G still confuses you, there is a great explanation below from the YouTube Tech Guru Mrwhosetheboss.


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