10 best news apps in 2020 to keep you informed

10 best news apps to keep you up-to-date with everything you want and need to know.

  • 2020 has been a year FULL of important news

  • Aggregated news apps give you all your need to know

  • 10 best news app in 2020

In the modern world there is more and more occurring that we need to keep informed about. Look at 2020 alone, it feels like there has been nothing but a constant barrage of breaking news, politics, celebrity and entertainment news flooding our newsfeeds. Not to mention the big C-word … NO, not THAT one … Coronavirus! And we all want to be kept up to date with the latest information from infections to death-rates and of course the all-important vaccine.

However, with so many news outlets, about, if you downloaded all of the individual apps or bookmarked all of the news sites to continually check, you’d never get time for anything else.

So, the best option for a one stop shop would be one of the news aggregator apps that are available for download. They collect all the important articles from across the available news outlets and compile them into a feed covering a complete range of sources with different viewpoints and perspectives.

This list compiles the best 10 news apps that are free to download so you will never miss important information again.

  1. Google News

A current affairs news app that was designed for Android users but can also be downloaded for those of you with a more of an i-device leaning. You can set up notifications for varying types of news that you are interest in and chances are you will have used the online version of Google News at some point.

  1. Apple News

This is basically Apple’s native news app that is much the same as Google news above. However it also has the added benefit of a paid subscription service in the shape of AppleNews+ which gives you access to a wider range of news sources and even a range of audio news casts.

  1. Yahoo News

Now, you may well be asking yourself if Yahoo is even still a thing after all this time, but it is indeed and they have a quality news feed from a range of reputable original news sources.

  1. Smart News

So this one is a pretty “smart” cookie. It’s a Japanese developed news app that uses machine learning to search its contributors for the best content. However, it does have a primary focus on news from Japan and the US.

  1. Flipboard

Flipboard is an interesting app that focuses more on the overarching topics rather than specific stories or articles. IT was originally developed as an online magazine prior to its foray into the app world. The app basically curates your own magazine for you full of interesting topics for you specifically.

  1. Knewz

This is a news app that uses both human curation of content along with computer-generated curation to bring the news feed to users.

  1. The Week

The week is a physical weekly magazine and their app is a generous offering to accompany it. If you are interested in Top Ten lists … this is the one for you!

  1. News 360

This intelligent app curates a feed specific to your tastes based on the type of articles and stories you click on. The longer you use it the more specific to your personal tastes it becomes.

  1. Pocket

Okay, so technically this one is not a “news aggregator” and rather a bookmarking app, however the facility to connect it to your Twitter feed to bring you the content you are most interested in is hand and so it warrants a mention.

  1. News Break

This news app works on a location based service and therefore serves up the most important news from the area you are in at the time.

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“10 best news apps in 2020 to keep you informed”

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